Medical Negligence Claims

Our highly skilled and compassionate team will ensure that all claimants are properly and fully compensated. Medical negligence claims are a central part of our business. We regularly deal with high value, complex claims against NHS trusts, indemnifiers and medical practitioners.

Areas of Expertise

  • Still births, birth injury and maternity claims
  • Informed consent
  • Representing families at Inquest
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Cancer misdiagnosis
  • Hospital negligence
  • Medical misdiagnosis
  • Surgery compensation claims
  • Dental claims
  • Clinical negligence

Work Highlights

  • Represented the family of a baby at inquest. The baby died following discharge from hospital shortly after birth. The coroner found that the family were not to blame and issued a narrative verdict against the paramedic who attended and the clinicians querying why the child had not been taken to hospital in a fast response car.
  • Won damages over £100,000 for a patient with a fractured ankle that was not picked up at X-ray and who was discharged with paracetamol. The ankle failed to heal properly and the patient had to under-go many subsequent operations.
  • Won damages over £50,000 for a person dismissed by her GP as having a natural “lumpy” breast. Having revisited the GP many times she was diagnosed with cancer over a year later and had to under-go aggressive chemotherapy and considerable time off work.
  • We represented a child with a rare condition – Amylogenesis imperfecta – who had over 60 dental treatments over many years. The dentist gave her adult veneers even though she was still growing.
  • Recently won significant damages for a very elderly man who was recovering in hospital following an amputation and was attacked by another patient. We successfully argued that the hospital trust had been negligent in their duty of care towards our client.

Case Study

We represented the mother and the baby in a still born maternity case brought against United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The baby was born dead after a long labour. The mother was not made aware of the baby’s difficulties and was left unattended for 11 hours (despite one registrar noting that the baby’s heartbeat was critical and that the baby’s presentation was unusual). Baby N was born dead by C section.

In the aftermath, the parents were unsupported by the hospital with one physician saying, “the baby would have been born dead anyway”.

The case came to us 2 weeks before the limitation period was due to expire. During all of the intervening time, mum had psychiatric and medical complications. Both parents believed it was their fault that their daughter had died and so had no more children in case the same fate befell the next child


The parents agreed to a post mortem which revealed that the baby had effectively suffocated in the birth canal. Our medical expert indicated that the baby had died of unnatural causes and that if the hospital had intervened when the alarm was first raised Natalia would have been born alive. This knowledge enabled the parents to risk having another child, a baby girl born healthily. The hospital finally admitted liability and the case was settled with significant damages.

The family used some of the award to set up a not-for-profit charity which raises money to help pay for the funeral expenses and headstones for other families dealing with a still born child.

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