As with any property purchase, having the right solicitor take care of your conveyancing will make all the difference to the speed and success of your transaction. From pre-contract to completion, we’ll help you to make the move from tenant to homeowner.

Right to Buy is a Government-backed scheme that enables tenants to buy their council-owned properties at a discounted rate. The rules and laws around the scheme differ by different areas of and authorities in the UK; we’ll take care of all the relevant legal formalities to transfer the ownership of the property from your landlord to you.

The Right to Buy conveyancing process differs slightly to the standard conveyancing process:

  • Once you’ve made your Right to Buy application to the council and your landlord has agreed a sale price, we’ll review all the legal documents
  • We’ll carry out local authority, drainage and environmental searches to check that there are no issues that you need to be aware of
  • We’ll liaise with and and act on behalf of your lender, if you’re using a mortgage to fund the purchase
  • As there’s no exchange of contracts with a Right to Buy purchase, we’ll set a completion date as soon as our legal checks are in order and you have your mortgage offer
  • As part of the process we’ll also make you aware and informed about any conditions if you decide to sell the property in the future