Did you know that you need a solicitor when remortgaging? While some lenders use their preferred suppliers to manage the legal requirements of the process, many don’t offer this service at all – and lots of homeowners simply don’t know that they need it.

If you’re not tied into your mortgage deal or your fixed term is due to end, you could benefit from moving your mortgage to another lender. Another lender may offer more favourable interest rates, enabling you to reduce your monthly payments or term. You could release equity to fund a large purchase. Or you might just want to fix your interest rate for greater control of your monthly budget.

We’ll provide clear, practical advice about the best way to proceed, and liaise with your existing and new lenders to complete your remortgage as quickly as possible. We’ll:

  • request and review all the necessary documents, including title deeds from the Land Registry and the redemption statement from your existing lender
  • review your new mortgage offer, resolve any issues and ensure everything’s in place to meet your new mortgage provider’s conditions for lending requirements
  • finalise the new mortgage deed and arrange a completion date
  • receive the funds from your new lender, pay off your old mortgage and forward any balance due to you before registering your new mortgage with the Land Registry

We have an excellent track record for taking the time and stress out of the remortgage process for our clients.