Many couples who live together share the common misconception that they have the same legal rights as couples who are married or in a civil partnership. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, which means they have no legal protection or rights if the relationship breaks down. We’re here to help protect your interests and reduce the legal and financial problems that can arise.

We’ll advise you on and prepare the relevant legal documents that will establish how matters will be dealt with in the event of separation, illness or death. You may need one or more agreements to make sure that you both, and any other family members who could be affected, are as fully protected as possible. We can prepare and make legally binding:

  • Cohabitation Agreements, to allow unmarried couples who live together to establish legal rights about how assets would be shared and how children will be provided for if the relationship breaks down. This can also set out how you’ll divide bills and other responsibilities while you live together
  • Lasting Power of Attorneys, to make sure that your partner is able to make decisions about your finances and personal welfare if you can’t
  • Wills, to make sure your partner is provided for if you die

Having the appropriate documents in place will also give you access to each other’s state pension and next of kin rights in a medical emergency. So, it’s really important in both the short and long term that you prepare now for potential and inevitable future eventualities. We’ll work with you to understand the details of your assets and wishes, so you can rest assured that you and those closest to you will be as protected and provided for as possible.